Our activity will have the pupils:
dig out the buried clay artifacts in Portugal that were designed, done, colored and buried together by the help of the teachers that participated the LTT in Turkey, exhibit these artifacts in YHOL Corner of the host school, share the small objects, symbols and photos taken during the previous “Get Ready" activity in their homelands, visit all the natural, historical and cultural sites in the host country, take photos and create a videoclip together. In
order to achieve these activities; peer learning and teaching, creative drama, teaching based on questioning and researching, narration technique, exhibition and interview techniques will be used.

Tangible results:
* Cultural Heritage Corner
* Videoclip of Historical and Natural Places
* Historical, Natural and Cultural Places Photo Exhibition
* Videos and Pictures (Those videos and pictures will be put into different platforms of the project and also will be used in the e-book)

Intangible Results:
All participants will:
*increase a CH awareness via visiting cultural, historical and natural places together with people coming from different cultures and working for the
same and common purpose
* realize the concept of common world heritage and its implications; the respect and solidarity between distinct cultural identities
*have a European citizenship consciousness,
*link the past to the future via visiting historical and cultural sites together,
*increase the awareness of different languages,
* work with students coming from different cultures and create a common working platform


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