Our activity aims our students increase the awareness of CH via presenting their own culture and be in interaction with different cultures by the help of cooking activities. Also digging the buried artifacts that have been created by the help of the teachers attended the LTT in Turkey and exhibiting these pieces in CH Corner is a part of the planned activities. The students will reach these aims via creative drama technique, cooperative learning, doing and living method, peer learning and peer teaching.

Tangible Results:
*Cooking Videos (Those videos and pictures of all activities will be put in platforms of project and in e-book of project)
*International Cooking E-Book (Responsible Country: Czech Republic) (Each traditional dish with recipes and cooking videos will be in English and native language of all participating countries)
* Shared memories in Platforms of the project by responsible countries (videos and pictures)

Intangible Results:
All participants will:
*increase a CH awareness
*realize the concept of common world heritage and its implications; the respect and solidarity between distinct cultural identities
*have a European citizenship consciousness,
*link the past to the future via cooking and digging activities,
*increase the awareness of different languages,
*work with students coming from different cultures and create a common working platform.
*to identify, characterize and define the cultural heritages of the participating countries via food, increase social value of European CH


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