Our activity aims our teachers to gain the necessary knowledge in order to create a CH awareness via creative drama technique within their students. Creative drama, cooperative learning, discovery learning technique will be shown within the activities and the teachers will learn how they can use these techniques in their classes and they will get these flow of information via doing and learning. As a result of this, all participating teachers will have the ability to use creative drama and other techniques and methods of constructivist approach in order to make their students design and create clay artifacts. The teachers will be able to use their knowledge of creative drama in all lessons generally and in art, history and social-sciences specifically. Atilla Erkek, Fatma Ülker, Banu Tepe and Gülname Kayhan will prepare an e-book including the workshops of creative drama sessions. We will make a pre-evaluation and final evaluation(prepared by Turkey) to teachers and students in each LTT. We will evaluate what they knew before LTT; what they learned and what they felt during LTT.

Tangible Results: Clay Artifacts, Pictures and Videos,Creative Drama Club

Intangible Results: An international network of the participating schools, creation of an awareness of CH, implementation of creative drama technique to all subjects at schools.

In Turkey, teachers use Drama technique in their lessons. There is even a lesson named Drama. Its aim is to bond the past to the future. After this LTT, all participating teachers will learn how to create an awareness of CH within their lessons by using creative drama method.In addition to their own method in their school, they will gain new techniques such as creative drama, cooperative learning, discovery learning technique. They will use these techniques and knowledge in their lessons to realize the concept of common world heritage and its implications; the respect and solidarity between distinct cultural identities. In addition to these; all the participating schools will have a drama club in order to integrate what they have gained to their normal activities of their schools.


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