Szkola Podstawowa nr 2
w Proszowicach


The organisation is the state school providing education and care to almost 353 students from rural and provincial town area of Proszowice. The scope of teaching is wide from basic curriculum through well developed vocational extra-curricular classes, eco-club, film club to dance club.We offer high quality teaching which  is certified by relatively high results of national exams and substantial percentage of champions in several contests both in sport  and knowledge. Each classroom is equipped with electronic devices like e-Register, overhead projector and computer with wifi connection in every classroom, we also have two sport gyms and power gym for students. Due to the fact that we  are located in poor agriculture area we do suffer from lack of funds and low parents’ involvement however the Management is introducing yet new projects and ideas to upgrade the level of education. The mission of our school is to create friendly school environment which is safe and offers high quality education, which develops creativity and responsibility through personal activity and independence. We motivate to protect natural environment and the world around us. We stress the importance of modern technologies, foreign languages and other key competences. We teach and but not preach letting our students draw conclusions and form their own opinions. We also care for openmindness, charity and tolerance for others along with fostering local and national pride and values. The school has excellent results in English teaching and in sports however we do lack in Maths and Science subjects which still need improvement especially in the area of staff competences in modern technologies like robotics or advanced IT. We also provide job councelling and job-shadowing for young students who will need to choose high schools in close future which isconnected with psychologist advice. School takes active part in charity events both on local and national level, as well as ecological actions and activities. We also try to be an active part of local society through involvement in citizenship activities. We also offer students high level art classes offering wide range of activities form dance and theatre through fortnight meeting of School Fim Club through visual arts like painting, sculpture and other meand of artistic expression.