5o Gymnasio Karditsas


5o Gymnasio Karditsas is an urban school witha relatively small force of students, co-located with the 2nd Junior High School and the 2nd Lyceum in an harmonious coexistence and cooperation whom provides high quality education to students.

The teaching staff demonstrates a real interest, dedication and high level of professionalism ensuring a safe and challenging environment for students to acquire knowledge, develop structured personality and to lay the foundations for their future personal development.

It is an extroverted school with several volunteer activities, cultural and informative events, it has a tradition in the European dimension and is open to the local community.

The school has a gym, a multipurpose room, a computer room, a language room and a library. The classrooms have an internet connection and are equipped with projectors and interactive whiteboards.

The Teaching staff participate in seminars relating to the use of web tools for teaching and learning, in seminars about student’s assessment, for projects implementation, in seminars about prevention and tackling violence at school and in seminars about classroom management.

Our School is awarded with the eTwinning School Label


Mission statement

– European dimension

– Modernisation

– Internationalization

Organizational Structure Goals

– Personal and professional development of staff

– Transfer of best practices and their incorporation into school curriculum

– Extension of students’ horizons

– Strengthening the school profile

– Developing partnerships with social agencies

Planned actions

Implementation of actions and follow-up education and training programmes for the use and implementation of e-tools for learning and assessment, and programmes for e-earning methodology types, which are aimed at personal and professional development of school staff in exchange and implementation of good practices in learning, education and administration.

Develop partnerships with educational institutions in other countries to transfer best practices and innovative methods.

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A town of 40.000 people. It is the capital of Karditsa perfecture and it is a city in western Thessaly in mainland Greece.

Karditsa has elementary schools, high schools, junior high schools, the Veterinary Medicine Department of the University of Thessaly, three other education departments, churchs, banks, a post office, a railway station, a sports ground, a water tower, and many squares. Karditsa is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Greece with an extensive network of bicycle paths.

About thirty kilometers near Karditsa there is the famous Plastira’s Lake, a beautiful place for offering opportunities for action – packed holidays and diverse activities.