In Çeltikçi Secondary School, there are 165 students and 18 teachers. Çeltikçi is close to the the town center (Anamur) and 230 km away from the nearest city center. There is 1 computer lab, 1 science lab, 1 language class, 1 music class, 1 dining hall, a big garden, a playground and a canteen for all the students. In each class, we  have smartboards but we sometimes have power cuts and internet problems. Most of our parents  have their income from agricultural jobs not as the land owners but as workers. 50 of them have only seasonal jobs. 140 mothers are housewomen, 5 of them are graduated from university, 20 from high school, 40 from secondary, 100 from primary schools. Our school's prior objective is to raise pupils with self-confidence that give importance to education, cultural and moral values. According to the survey we implemented in our school in Dec/2018, we found out that 105 pupils haven't even visited Anemurium(the most famous historical site 15 km away from the school). None of them have never been abroad and never even met a person from abroad. They have no idea of what a united identity or a cultural heritage understanding is. So, we decided to help them explore the concept of common world heritage and its implications worldwide; the respect and solidarity between distinct cultural identities and we started an e-twinning project related to this topic. Banu TEPE is English teacher for 16 years and worked as the coordinator of EU Education & Youth Programs in Gümüşhane between 2005/2007. She has the necessary qualifications to run the project and proceed each level such as budget, management, follow-up and reporting procedures. Fatma Ülker is drama teacher of our school, also the instructor and mentor of “2023 with our Teachers" project of Turkey at the moment. She teaches the ways of using drama in lessons to 25 teachers from different branches in one group in March/2019 and has 40 more groups waiting. She'll be teaching creative drama to the teachers of other participating countries of our project to help them let their students create a common CH understanding and will be responsible for the evaluation as she has the licence of educational sciences. Nilgün KAYA is also an English teacher for 12 years and is willing to have a role in this project. Also Banu TEPE and Fatma ÜLKER created intelectual output in ESE Project (2015-1-TR01KA2001-022552) last year. They have qualifications such as useage of Web2 tools for student-based lessons and creating interactive lesson videos.She will be responsible for the dissemination. Aysar GÜVEN is ICT teacher and will be responsible from all uploads and ICT related works of our project. In case of these persons leave their post in future, Fatih NEHİR will give their role to other teachers with enough qualifications. Our school has never been involved in any international project (only national Tübitak projects) but the staff is eager to work for and participate in one as they have enough qualifications.